Cartoon Animal Rescue T-Shirts

Attention Animal Shelters
and Rescue Groups!

Let us help you Gain Exposure for your Organization
AND help you Raise $$$

LaCroixTees will set you up a mini-website,
coded with YOUR Group's Name...
and donate
FIVE DOLLARS for every
T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, or Hoodie
sold from this mini-site.

We do this FREE of charge...
Handle all orders and shipping...
And send you $$$ via Paypal or
the donation link on your website/FB Page.

Example of FREE Generic Mini-Site here: 

This is Simple, Hassle Free, and Can be up and running FAST!

Want to start earning money for
YOUR Shelter/Rescue Group?
(Note: To be eligible to participate in our Fundaising program,
you must have 500+ Facebook fans AND an online donation link,
such as Paypal, on your website or FB page)

Drop us a line... 

We can also put YOUR logo on a shirt
and offer it for sale in the same way.

Example Here:

Example of SOME of our Dog & Cat Shirt Designs Shown Below:
(Horse, Reptile, Rabbit, Rat, Ferret & Bird Designs Also Available!)

RESCUED! Is My Favorite PET. Shirt
Rescue Dog Mom Shirt
Crazy Cat Lady T-Shirt
Balls are for Playing Fetch T-Shirt
Ban Pet Sales in Stores T-Shirt Not Just Pets... They're Family! T-Shirt Don't Shop Adopt! T-Shirt
Don't Judge My Pit Bull Shirt STOP Animal Abuse Shirt
100% Lovable (Pit Bull) Shirt
Chained Up! T-Shirt Purrrr'fect Pets T-Shirt Just Say NO to Furry Pets! T-Shirt
Save Death Row Dogs! T-Shirt Woof (Dog) T-Shirt Save Death Row Cats! T-Shirt
Raining Cats & Dogs T-Shirt Need A Friend? Best Friends T-Shirt
Love My Great Dane T-Shirt Support No-Kill Animal Shelters RIP T-Shirt Greyhound Adoption T-Shirt

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